for Chinese students
The average wage is ₽ 40 000 + bonuses
No need to go to China
No age limit
Full-time or part-time job
Relevant training methods especially for teaching to foreigners
Teach online
Focus on teaching
Timely payment
Live in your country, work in China
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Teaching to Chinese Students: Way Better Opportunities
A new step for your professional development
You would like to teach foreign students and reach new career heights, but leaving the country is not your choice.

There is a solution: start teaching English to Chinese students ONLINE.

China has the most students of every age who learn English. For them, fluent English is a ticket to the future and major competitive advantage. You just won't find students with better motivation and discipline.

Teachers from Russia are highly valued in China because of their diligence, responsibility, extensive knowledge and excellent pronunciation.
What has been stopping you so far?
Teach online without the necessity to move away from home
You may work two jobs if you like
Skyeng teacher trainers are always there for you to help and support you
Skyeng deals with all formal issues with the Chinese party
Let's be honest:

you could use such experience and some professional growth, but you don't need anything too complicated!
Paycheck is always on time, and assessments are totally transparent
Receive higher wage
Manage your own workload with flexible working hours
You get students corresponding to your level of expertise
Focus on teaching only
A unique interactive platform provides you with a study process that feels like a "live" interaction
And the most important thing: you may continue with your normal routine, not struggling to adjust to the new mentality outside the classroom
You need to move to China
Teachers from Russia work there illegally
No help from teacher trainers, all work is done by yourself
Chinese mentality makes it difficult to do business with them
They may fire you for nothing — in 15 minutes you are left without money or a place to live in a foreign country
They can mess with your paycheck
A huge workload with minimum free time which
you can't possibly change
You start teaching children of kindergarten age, no matter how experienced you are
You can't get money out of China, so you have to open a local bank account
No socialization in small cities
Environmental crisis and permanent smog
Have you noticed that everything that could stop you from working with Chinese students is connected with the matters of organization and living in another country?

Teachers are positive about their new experiences and professional growth.

Of course, China is different for everyone. Some people get lucky, and some just don't. Many people can't adapt to the new environment and have to go back.

You don't have to move from your country leaving friends and family back. You don't have to be anxious about adjusting to the new mentality.

You don't get any of these problems with SKYENG!
A job at Skyeng is for you if you want to teach foreign students
You will try out methods that only few can apply at a professional level
Learn how to teach students who don't speak Russian
Gain competitive advantage by accumulating experience in training Chinese students
Receive help from teacher trainers and learn advanced methodologies
Work and develop together with a team of highly professional teachers
Make more money and don't waste time commuting and looking for new studentsУвеличите доход, не выходя из дома, не тратя время на поиски учеников
See how everything works and understand that Skyeng provides you with security and sustainability
Achieve a new level in your professional development
Work with Chinese students while working at home

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7 Reasons Why You Should Teach Chinese Students at Skyeng
You are a part of the team, so you are valued and respected. You may hardly find such diligent students elsewhere
Be second to none
A wider range of students, special training and professional growth make you an upscale versatile specialist
Best practice
You have a 24/7 access to the most relevant methods and techniques for teaching foreign students
Without going to China
You work online from any place and have an individual schedule with the preferable workload
Responsible management
Payments are regular and transparent, all the agreements are fulfilled on time
More free time
You are free from mundane teacher's routine: lesson plans are ready, homework is automatically checked etc
Focus on teaching only
There are students already waiting for you to teach them. You don't have to be a salesman, spend extra time or develop curricula
Professional support
Become a part of an awesome teaching community to join free speaking clubs and methodological workshops
Who we are looking for
We provide students for teachers with various experience and educational tasks
1+ year online teaching experience and/or exam preparation experience will give you an advantage
Work experience
English language proficiency
Intermediate for teaching primary and elementary levels
Upper-Intermediate and higher for other programs
Good pronunciation
Full or partial higher education
Special courses, programs, workshops
Teaching certificates
Being able to support a dialogue
Literacy and adequate speech production
Basic communication skills
IELTS/TOEFL/other certificates
High-speed internet connection
A headset and a web-camera
Internet access
You are great at presenting material
You apply communicative language teaching methods
You are ready for personal and professional growth
Good sense of humour is welcomed
What will be next
5 steps for efficient work with Chinese students
A special period of adjustment together with Skyeng teacher trainers
We find students for you
We give these students a test and specify their goals
Skyeng teacher trainers find a proper teacher
You get a motivated student ready to learn
Teaching English and monitor student accomplishments are your only two concerns. We will do the rest
What our teachers think
"Come to China." — "Thanks, I'm better off here."
Why it's better to teach Chinese students with Skyeng
We are not a third-party agents — our school provides online lessons on it's own behalf
No need to learn Chinese
You only communicate with Skyeng personnel. You don't have to contact the Chinese party
Your interests are protected
Fair and transparent terms and conditions between you and Skyeng
Work in your usual environment
There are neither moving expenses nor adjustment to the new mentality
A unique experience
Our teacher trainers will never leave you alone in an unclear situation or with a necessity to correct the training course
Still got doubts whether this is for you?
Leave your contacts and we send you all the information directly, so you can finally figure out whether this job suits you
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